Childhood is full of sports, fun and games, just as injuries, scrapes, and wounds are too. Children fall and tend to get hurt more often than adults. While running and falling cannot be contained, intensity of injury can be reduced by installing a safer floor. Playsafe offers excellent impact absorption properties, which cushion the probability of unpleasant injuries. This makes it an excellent surface for flooring in parks, schools and children’s play areas. In addition to absorbing the impact of falls and reducing accidents, Playsafe is also healthier as it is more hygienic. Lack of contact with dust, sand and mud eliminates incidence of allergies.It does not absorb water, and hence ensures that there is no mess or sogginess during the monsoons, making Playsafe an all-season floor.

Runathon - is a specially formulated Ecoflex surface that is ideally suited to Jogging Tracks. The biggest advantage lies in its shock absorption property that reduces fatigue and helps prevent unwanted injuries, making Runathon the final word in jogging track surfaces.